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Тема: Соревнования в Латвии 18 августа! | by TrialGroup
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Have are you? I would like invite you to our competition in Usma at 18. August.

I and my brother are organizing competition at our home village- Usma. From the previous year, the participants recognize that these are the best competitions in Latvija.

This year our target is get more as possible other country riders (make more international competition). Every year with my brother we work hard in our biketrial park, and now it’s one of best places in Baltic where can ride trials.

18. August competitions are 5th round of Latvian cup. Race will be by UCI rules and will be 10 sections. After competitions, at evening will be after party with sauna, BBQ and other stuff. 19. August will be big riding together and small competitions (high jump, gap, balance contest…). We have place where can spend night so doesn’t need any hotel.
I hope to see you here. Will be fun! It is possible for you, tell the message to others ????

Говорят, лучшие соревнования в Латвии! Парни организуют жильё, а после сорев сауну/барбекю и т.д.
18 числа соревнования, 19 числа покатушка и небольшие контесты (гэп, сайд, баланс)

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