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Wheel rim fault? | by spadekevin
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spadekevin вне форума
По умолчанию Wheel rim fault?

Leaving aside `catastrophic` damage eg riding into potholes etc what causes a wheel do go slightly out of true? I can see that as the wheel rotates the spokes will tension / relax but as long as spokes have been properly tensioned what causes some to then slacken off after soem use? Twice I`ve had wheels rebuilt with Mavic rims and twice after a few 100 miles they have gone slightly, 3 mm or so, out of true having originally been perfect; any reasons for this?

Please help.

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J.D. вне форума
Well, as have been said in refs there is a plenty of things can cause this issue. I'm not an wheel expert, but first things I would check is balanced tension of all spokes. Spokes should be tensed even. And again have you released a bit the spokes tension after wheel built? This insignificant moment can be a source of a problem as well.
Anyway, despite you know the basics, tips in the vid below should be useful
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Не доверяю таким постам, че на русском не пишут?
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djamelo вне форума
По умолчанию Alloy Wheel Problem
Has anyone ever heard of this problem.

I took my car to tyre place and they have told me the reason my front drivers side tyre keeps going down is because when they remove the tyre from the wheel there is a build up of dust which is causing the wheel to go down. They cleaned this up for £30 and they fitted the same wheel back on the tyre. The wheel/tyre has been fine for months and this has started again.

Does anyone know a place I could get this repaired as I dont want to pay £30 every few months and I dont want to get rid of the alloy wheels as they are expensive chrome alloys.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
Wheel rim fault? | by spadekevin

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