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Wheel rim fault? | by spadekevin
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spadekevin вне форума
По умолчанию Wheel rim fault?

Leaving aside `catastrophic` damage eg riding into potholes etc what causes a wheel do go slightly out of true? I can see that as the wheel rotates the spokes will tension / relax but as long as spokes have been properly tensioned what causes some to then slacken off after soem use? Twice I`ve had wheels rebuilt with Mavic rims and twice after a few 100 miles they have gone slightly, 3 mm or so, out of true having originally been perfect; any reasons for this?

Please help.

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J.D. вне форума
Well, as have been said in refs there is a plenty of things can cause this issue. I'm not an wheel expert, but first things I would check is balanced tension of all spokes. Spokes should be tensed even. And again have you released a bit the spokes tension after wheel built? This insignificant moment can be a source of a problem as well.
Anyway, despite you know the basics, tips in the vid below should be useful
Wheel rim fault? | by spadekevin

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