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I am looking for a Concert or Grand Concert body size six string around $2200. to use for quiet gigs although it will be amplified. I want the tone to be very clear with emphasis on the highs. Has to have some depth and bass. For me that means no cedar tops, adirondack is better than spruce, nut width at 1.75 or 1.628. Doesn't need electronics. I like some bling over just plain.
I am after suggestions here other than the Taylor 812 12 fret which I am already considering. What do you think is better and perhaps more punchy or strong in tone but with the GC body.
Please Help.
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
- http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/f...p?t=4804165451
- Device Explainer Video Examples
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